Obama Rated Most Liberal Canidate Running For President

In what amounts as not much of a shock to most people, Barack Hussein(real middle name) Obama is rated as the most liberal canidate running for president in 2008.  The fact that he is rated more liberal than Rep. Dennis Kucinich and he has a good chance to win the election, should scare us all to death.


March 20, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. M replied:

    OOOH yeah, we’d MUCH rather have Chimpy for another term- he’s doing a heckuva job! You neocons are stupid and you can’t spell either. It’s CANDIDATE.

  2. jackson50 replied:

    I am not a neocon, and I definately do not wish Bush served another term. Oh and thank you for pointing out my mispelling; I overlooked that one.

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