Animal Cruelty and the Fur Trade are GROSS

I must caution on watching this movie.  I do not say this lightly.  I have always been and even more so now oppose the fur trade and all farming methods which treat animals in an inhumane way.  The video shows how cats and dogs for the fur trade are treated in China.  It is a sick, disgusting; I cannot come up with a word to describe how horrible this is.


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“We need to say that Coca-Cola as a company is worth dozens of times more than all of Bolivia”

Haha take that Bolivia and all you communists. Who are you to tell Coca-Cola to drop the Coca from their name?

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‘Political Correctness Killing Freedom’ says European Commision President

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso is right on as he says in this interview that political correctness is killing our freedoms.  I do not condone saying harmful things to or about people, but if we get to the point where we cannot say something about a certain religion for example without fear of being labled a “hater,” then we truly have lost freedom.

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Is It Time For This Already?

To all of you who have not seen this already, I am posting you the link to the Hillary 1984 ad posted by someone from the Obama camp.  Note* Obama did not know or condone this, it was done outside of his auspices.

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Great Another Self Obsessed Phenom

 As silly as it sounds, the heir appearant to Lebron James is OJ Mayo.  In his last hgih school game this past weekend, Mayo demonstrated by throwing the ball into the stand with time left that he is just another athlete who thinks to highly of himself.

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Democrats Six for 06; A Failure

Democrats came in to power promising all kinds of reform and so far have wasted our nation’s time on the firings of 8 US attorney’s that is in no way illegal.  They have not sent one bill to the President’s desk for signature.  So much for reform and getting the job done.

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You Deserve a Break Today

To offer all of you some respite, I have put on here a video of Charles Barkley discussing his golf swing.  We all need a good laugh now and then.

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My Ultimate Fear

While I do agree with a lot of what Newt Gengrich says, I wish he does not decide to run for President.  This man turned his back on the Republican Revolution of the 90’s and effectively undid what a lot of the Republican class of 94 worked so hard to enact.

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This is Sick

I believe that spanking your child, if used correctly and not abusive in nature, can be an affective  way to discipline your child.  But what this woman did to her foster children is atrocious. 

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Obama Rated Most Liberal Canidate Running For President

In what amounts as not much of a shock to most people, Barack Hussein(real middle name) Obama is rated as the most liberal canidate running for president in 2008.  The fact that he is rated more liberal than Rep. Dennis Kucinich and he has a good chance to win the election, should scare us all to death.

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